• Free Foot Doctor can Analyze and Treat over 39 conditions. No Co-Pays and No Insurance Hassles! And Thats Money in Your Pocket!
    A simple and easy step-by-step process where we can analyze, diagnose and provide you with the treatment right over the internet!
    Order your treatment right online! Out of your Product? Log in for easy re-ordering!

Free Foot Doctor

  • Welcome to FreeFootDoctor.com. With rising healthcare cost and the lack of coverage, many people are unable to see a podiatrist for treatment. We solve this problem. Our website will enable you to diagnose your foot problem and receive information and recommend products that treat your condition. This will all be done online and free.

    You will be charged only for products sent to you. Furthermore no time lost taking time off work. Most foot conditions can be treated within one visit to a podiatrist. Some foot conditions are too complex for our website to handle. You will be advised to see a trained licensed podiatrist from one of our Preferred Providers in your area. FreeFootDoctor.com creates a valuable tool for anyone to save time and money.

  • Let’s begin. The first thing that you need to do is to Create an Account. Your Account will allow us to verify who you are as well as track your treatment and allow you to purchase products based on your diagnosis. Don't worry, we just need your basic information. Our policy states that your information will not be used by anyone outside of Free Foot Doctor for any other purpose.

    Let's begin.

    There are three steps involved in getting you on your way to healthier feet. Step One is to Analyze Your Symptoms, Step Two is to Diagnose your Symptoms and step Three is to Treat your Symptoms.

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